Our Courses

Activity First Aid

Involved in any form of sports or leisure? In this course you will learn about a range of first aid conditions, including basic life support.

Annual First Aid Refresher

Already have First Aid Training? This course will refresh and update your skills and knowledge through a range of practical and theoretical activities.

Appointed Person

This course is for workplace staff who are responsible for maintaining First Aid equipment and facilities, and calling emergency services when required.

Basic Life Support AED

This course enables learners to use an AED (automated external defibrillator) competently and with confidence.

Basic Life Support

This course will give you the skills, knowledge and practical experience to administer first aid until professional medical help arrives.

Catastrophic Bleeding

This course is designed for First Aiders and will provide you with guidance on catastrophic bleeding control when you are in high-risk environments.

Emergency First Aid at Work

This course covers a range of First Aid emergencies, providing you with the tools to deal with emergency situations in the workplace.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This course is suitable for people who have an interest in child and infant Basic Life Support, including parents, guardians and family members.

Fire Safety Awareness

This course is suitable for all employees as an introduction to basic fire safety awareness and is an excellent addition to induction programmes for new employees.

First Aid at Work

This course covers a wide range of First Aid emergencies, enabling all participants to deal with emergency situations with confidence in a prompt, safe and effective way.

First Aid at Work Refresher

This refresher course is suitable for learners who currently hold a First Aid at Work qualification which is due to expire.

Health and Safety Level 1 & 4

This course is an introduction to health and safety in the workplace, and will benefit any worker in any industry or sector.

Health and Safety Level 2 & 5

This course is an introduction to health and safety in the workplace and will benefit all employees, including those with a health and safety role within their organisation.

Manual Handling

This course provides an ideal approach to safer and more effective manual handling, not only meeting HSE recommendations, but also promoting good and safe practices in any situation.

Mini Medics

The Mini Medics course is a fantastic way to introduce first aid and mental health to children between the ages of 7 and 11.

Paediatric First Aid

Total qualification Time (TQT) is 15 hours, with at least 12 Guided Learning Hours (GLH) in the classroom over a minimum of 2 days plus
independent pre and post-course study.