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We offer a wide variety of bespoke first aid training courses to meet your individual corporate needs

We understand that all companies are not the same and can write a syllabus specifically to match your requirements.

The course length will depend on the detail of first aid training you require and all of our courses are supported with a Certificate of Attendance for attendees.

We aim to offer tailor made courses with the highest quality of First Aid training delivered by professionals in a professional and friendly manner.

Half-day course

Includes an introduction, care & communication, First Aid kit, Primary survey, Recovery position, CPR & choking. You may substitute any subjects here as you see fit.

All this is included for £300.

Full-day course

Includes everything from the half-day course and bleeding, burns and scalds, fainting, chest pain, allergies, bites and stings, seizures plus any other business/open forum.  Again topics can be substituted to your requirements.

All this is included for £450.

Generally, one tutor to 20 learners is acceptable but for these courses, if you can provide extra supervision (rather than pay for an extra tutor) you can add more students so that more kids can get their first experience of First Aid. Again please just ask, we are sure to satisfy your requirements and come up with feasible options regarding topics covered, timings etc.

With a fun approach we’ll have them delivering rescue breaths and chest compressions to manikins, bandaging each other up and getting rid of obstacles from the wind pipe!

Certificates of attendance are issued to all attendees.

We can mix this up any way you want so please ask. For example we did a day of one hour modules so were able to teach 100 kids about the recovery position and CPR in a day with just one tutor…and it was fun!

We offer a nation-wide coverage and deliver the training on your premises.

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