Fire Marshal Training Safety Awareness

Our fire marshal course is a certificated course that defines, assists and instils confidence to those people who have a key role with the management of fire safety in the workplace. This course covers both emergency and none emergency issues of this vital role.This course complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health & Safety Legislation.

Course aims

This course will provide the delegates with a comprehensive review of theoretical and practical understanding of the typical functions of a fire marshal within a workplace. This course will additionally give delegates an understanding of how fires start and propagate within buildings together with information to assist with the development and implementation of emergency evacuation arrangements.



Key Learning Outcomes at the end of the course delegates will be trained to:

• Understand the role of the Fire Marshal / Warden

• Understand the importance of good fire safety management

• Understand the importance of regular fire drills

• Explain how fire and smoke spreads within buildings

• Awareness of all fire safety measures in the workplace

• Understand their actions in the event of fire and operation of the fire alarm

• Confidence in identifying and operating the correct fire fighting equipment

• Explain common causes of fire in the workplace

• Assist the company in simulated and live emergency evacuation situations

• Understand human behaviour in fire situation

• Understand the threat of arson


With this course all delegates have the opportunity to operate a fire extinguisher. Please be aware that for us to operate the fire extinguisher  we would require an outside area

The training would include PowerPoint presentation, group discussions and be supported with a visual aid (DVD).

The fee for this training includes all training aids, course hand-out (Fire Safety booklet) and assumes that the training takes place at your location.

Course Numbers – 12 delegates per course

Course Duration Up to a maximum of 4 hours which includes practical fire extinguisher training Up to a  maximum 3 hours without fire extinguisher training.


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