Cleaning resuscitation manikins

Here are our Manikins ready for another course, we clean our manikins each week or we clean them ready for the next course. Revive training pride themselves on ensuring that strict standards of hygiene are kept after each course and during training. Each manikin is stripped to its bare essentials and cleaned with disinfectant and soap and water, We use a spray that contains water and disinfectant and clean towels are used for wiping dry, faces are taken off and placed in a bowl of soapy water along with the plastic mouth pieces and then scrubbed to ensure all marks are removed. Each Manikin will get new lungs for each new course that we start, we use disinfectant wipes during CPR practice although the risk is small, we like to make sure that we stop cross contamination. We also offer resuscitation  valves for candidates who prefer not to touch the manikin with their mouth.

Manikin Wipes

We like to use manikin wipes by reliwipe, and designed for Manikin cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning the face and mouth of resuscitation manikins during CPR training
  • Formula will not damage manikins
  • Anti-microbial action prevents cross infection
  • Added protection for trainees
  • Supplied in a drum of 200
We also like to use Azo wipes great for cleaning down manikins before and after use. A 100 Wipe Drum of 70% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) impregnated wipes providing fast bactericidal action against MRSA, E.coli and a wide range of other micro-organisms.   We would love to hear any views that anybody might have, thank you for looking at our post.  Happy cleaning 🙂    
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